smoking vicodin on foil

30. března 2013 v 13:33

Mclean blog Smoking crushed 5mg vicodin -

Smoking crushed 5mg vicodin - smoking vicodin?!
Human Life > Better Living Through Chemistry I have 2 5mg vic and im figuring on chuting one then smoking the other the same way smoking it will not work

Smoking - smoking oxycontin - Drugs Forum

I have been reading your posts and I see a lot of people who have been clean for a couple days or even a couple months, but I havent seen any posts about those of you smoking oxycontin - Addiction: Substance.
  • how to smoke oxycontin with foil.

smoking vicodin on foil

Opiates & Opioids > Oxycodone SWIM was watching a show the other day on a file sharing website where this guy was I've never heard of smoking OC's. Personally
my wife is smoking pain pills. help.
We threw some vicodin in a hooka a few weeks back. I felt some euphoria, and I was very skeptical of it working but I would consider it a weak, though definitely

Smoking - possible to smoke roxy 30's?.

I was watching a documentary about oxycontin in florida (oxycontin express or something) and the guy would put pills on a piece of tin foil and light the bottom so

smoking vicodin on foil


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