dilaudid 8mg compared to 30mg oxycodone

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Dilaudid Snorted vs. Oxy Snorted.
Would it be safe to say 2mg dilaudid is equal to 15mg oxycodone snorted? No the oxy would be stronger IMO Then how much oxy would equal 2mg dilaudid snorted?
Dilaudid (hydromorphone hydrochloride).
What is stronger 4mg of dilaudid or 30mg.
Generally speaking, hydromorphone, brand name dilaudid amongst others, is in fact stronger mg to mg than oxycodone (on theory), especially as hydromorphone is said to
Hydromorphone, a more common synonym for dihydromorphinone, commonly a hydrochloride (brand names Palladone, Dilaudid, and numerous others) is a very potent centrally
Is Hydromorphone Better than Oxycodone

Dilaudid questions.

Hydromorphone - Wikipedia, the free.

If I have been taking 4mg of dilaudid 4x a day and was switched to oxycodone 15mg 4x a day. Is this a comparable dose? I have needed to take 30mg 4x a day in order to
Hellooo! What is the comparison of Dilaudid to Oxycodone? I am a longtime I would need to know if you plan on ingesting, snorting, or shooting them up. If your
Dilaudid As A Oxycodone Replacement?.

How strong is Dilaudid for pain compared.

11 Answers - Posted in: dilaudid, pain - Answer: all prescription pain killers can be compared in effectiveness. because
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How strong is Dilaudid for pain compared.
  • dilaudid 8 vs. oxycodone 30 educate me |.

UGH I hate the methilyn brand; thin light blue almost white scored one side with 40 imprinted into the bottom; Sam's Club cancels generic drug discount program on
Oxycodone vs Dilaudid? - Drugs.com |.

dilaudid 8mg compared to 30mg oxycodone

dilaudid 8mg compared to 30mg oxycodone

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Hi I suffered a L1 L2 complete SCI injury some 4 years ago After 6 7 weeks when the spinal shock wore off I noticed I had a burning pain in my lower groin area even

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